Winter Gardening Tips: The Prepper’s Guide To Cold-Weather Gardening

Defy the odds with these winter gardening tips and techniques, and continue growing your own food even on snowy weather and freezing temperatures!

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Winter Gardening Is Feasible 

Just because the weather’s cold doesn’t mean you have to stop growing your own food. Well, people use to think that way just a century ago, so vitamin deficiency was prevalent with the absence of fresh greens and fruits. Now, we’ve come a long way and are able to grow beyond the growing season with a few techniques you will find in here. Every survivalist is aware of the implications of fresh fruit and vegetables for health and survival.

Anyone can still grow a number of plants, vegetables, herbs, and flowers in cold and even freezing temperatures. In fact, maintaining a winter garden is very beneficial. It helps not only the gardener himself but also the environment. There are many winter gardening techniques to help you grow food any time of the year.


Originally posted on Survival Life