Winter Garden Tasks and Plant Care

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Autumn and Winter months signal a dormant time in the garden but gardeners don’t have to hibernate as well. These are fall and winter tasks to care for garden plants.

Just because the sun is out for fewer hours, and the weather is cooling off doesn’t mean there is nothing left for gardeners to do! Here are several tasks and items for gardeners to tend to for winter plant health.

Lift Tender Plants or Take Cuttings

Tender perennials or annuals that will die back at the first sign of frost can be rescued by lifting them and storing overwinter or by taking cuttings to nurture indoors during the winter for replanting in the spring.

Plants to lift and overwinter include (in many areas) Dahlias, Pelargoniums (annual Geraniums), Gladiolus, Verbena, Cannas, Chrysanthemum, and many more.

Care for Winter Plants Staying Outdoors

If gardeners have


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