Will August 4 Be The Day That Shootings Begin In Civil War 2?

Might August 4th 2018 be the day when the first shot is fired in Civil War 2 ?

Why do I ask? If you have been following some of the alternative news you will already know about this. But for those who don’t know, there’s a situation developing that could become a potential major trigger event. Some are also suggesting that there’s also potential for a false flag operation.

Where? Portland, Oregon at a planned peaceful free speech rally event by a patriot group.


When? Saturday, 8/4/2018.

What? The terror organization, ANTIFA, is planning a “direct confrontation” with the event and some of them apparently are planning to bring guns this time according to a report from thegatewaypundit and sources within.

To make matters much more concerning, Portland’s mayor Ted Wheeler and Portland police leadership apparently are sympathetic towards organizations like ANTIFA and similar far left protest groups. They may let this situation get out of control, similar to what happened recently:

Fallout from a recent event where protesters gathered at ICE headquarters in Portland to support illegal immigrants:

Fox News reported “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Monday accused an Oregon mayor of


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog