Wilderness Survival Guide: Outdoor Toilet Paper Alternatives

Looking for a wilderness survival guide to help you on your next outdoor adventure? Outdoors expert Alden Morris is back today shares the alternative for toilet paper here!

Toilet Paper Wilderness Survival Guide Already Packed Items

Many people carry coffee filters in their survival kit, and these can be a great alternative to toilet paper.If toilet paper is not in your camping essentials, other items might come in useful as an alternative. Some items that might already be in your bug out bag, especially during camping trips, are coffee filters. Coffee filters are great to use as an alternative to toilet paper because they come in large quantities. You can also pack these items easily, and these take up very little space. Napkins are also another great alternative you can find in a day bag or camping gear.

Available Items

If some of these items have not been packed than another alternative can be used which is very useful if additional items are scarce. For example, if you plan to go out hiking for a day, items such as rags or towels, strips of clothing, torn clothing, and as a last resort, socks. In an emergency situation, especially if your home is within


Originally posted on Survival Life