Why Socialism Leads to Collapse

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Socialist ideas, policies and even candidates have been in the news lately. Some are making all the wrong moves and finding themselves on the wrong side of the news. However, they are alive and well in our nation.

It makes sense. What could be more appealing than a live of free…everything? From housing to education to health care. It just sounds so good! Right?

Well, there is a reason socialism and its big brother communism have failed so miserably in the past. Of course, we have never seen it tried on a population as well armed as the Americans. That could be even worse.

Why does socialism always lead to death and collapse? Lets look at three big reasons below.


The money to fund all that is promised in a socialist Utopia has to come from somewhere. In this modern age it would likely come from a taxed population, similar to what we are seeing in France. The Yellow Vests are protesters who have


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness