Why is America Missing the Bus on Disaster Prevention?

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There is something going on here. We are watching a sick film play itself out over and over on the southern coasts of our nation.

Its the succession of smash, crash and rebuild. Its an ugly rerun that happens in Florida, Texas and many other southern states during hurricane seasons.

Why are we stuck on this unending loop of recovery? Well, its because America is missing the bus on disaster prevention and focusing too much on disaster relief.

Billions in Relief

At this moment we are funding a disaster relief model not a disaster preparedness one. That is the fundamental problem. We are spending exponential amounts of money on what happens after the disaster and very little on how to prevent these things.

We have to move into an age where we spend more time and effort on being proactive in the face of those disasters that we know are coming. There are some that we know are coming every year, yet we still take


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness