Why A Shemagh Is Part Of My Travel Go Bag

The shemagh is an incredibly useful piece of headwear. Learn more about why it is a must-have in your outdoor and camping essentials.

The Shemagh | An Important Part of Your Travel Gear A Multi-Purpose Gear

When I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, I was exposed to a lot of new gear that I had never seen before. Aside from the plethora of firearms that I was able to qualify with, there was always a new piece of hi-speed gear turning up at basecamp. At times, these new items were frowned upon because they seemed to just add excess weight to our kits.

Every once in a while, a multi-purpose piece of gear would show up. Once it was adopted and added to our gear list, you would be hard-pressed to take it back. As holds true with the multi-purpose shemagh scarf.

A  Shemagh as Part of Your Travel Go Bag

Ever since I was a child, I recalled using a bandana to cover my face while riding my dirtbike on the trail. Our bike trails were extremely dry and dusty, without a barrier to cover our faces. We would be tasting dirt for well over a week. Luckily,


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