When Does a Primitive Fire Make Sense?

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There is a lot of talk and effort put towards making primitive fire. Techniques like the bow drill or the hand drill are very popular in the bushcraft and survival communities. Everyone can understand the importance of being able to make fire in a survival situation.

Maybe its that making fire from sticks puts people’s concerns at ease. They might feel like if they can make fire from wood then they can survive about anything? Not really sure where the motivation comes but its clear that people respect and practice these techniques.

Friction fire with wood is no easy undertaking. It’s also not a method that is assured. You will find that dealing with wood has many, many variables. Unless you are carrying your soft and hardwood on your person, you are going to struggle to find and process a drill set if you are not very experienced.

Rather than depend on primitive means of fire it’s better to be sure you can start fire


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness