When and How to Grow Garlic

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There are few foods that are as effective and as powerful as garlic. There may not be another food that can make dinner as tasty and solve as many problems as garlic can. If you aren’t growing garlic you missing the boat. Its a great resource and it is a staple in the world of wild or plant medicine. Beyond that, it also grows so easily its nearly embarrassing. Garlic is so simple to grow, you will be shocked!

This article is all about when and how to grow garlic in your own garden. Supermarket garden comes down to sourcing. Where is that supermarket garlic coming from. Some of it comes from China. How do you feel about that? Does it make you nervous to know that you could be eating food from a place like that? Eliminate all of that by just getting your head in the game and start growing your own garlic.

When and How to Grow Garlic


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