What’s In Your Faraday Cage?

What’s In Your Faraday Cage?

Guest article by Bogan

Regular MSB readers have been well exposed to the theory and application of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Coronal Mass Injection (CME) contingencies.

Science seems to be divided on the issue of the extent such scenarios will affect sensitive electronics and long term survival and opinions – official and otherwise – abound.

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One set of countermeasures to an EMP/CME event is to build a Faraday cage and stash electronics and other items that may be susceptible to the harmful effects of a burst or series of bursts.

[Ken adds: An ordinary metal trash can with tight fitting lid will provide some degree of protection from EMP]

[Tip: A Faraday Cage does not need to be grounded for EMP protection]

Conventional wisdom is to shield radios and other communications equipment, a spare computer (or two) printers, cell phone, and other useful electronic devices.

Faraday Cage – What Goes Inside?

– Flashlights and headlamps – yes, those LED bulbs contain electronics.

– alternative is to have good old fashioned incandescent bulb flashlights ready to go

– Light


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