What Really Kills in the Wilderness

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Have you ever been to the wilderness? I am talking about expansive wilderness that is either thousands of feet up in elevation or surrounded by thousands of acres. Its a very different thing than just doing a couple mile circuit in the woods. Nothing wrong with that either!

However, we have to get real about what kills in the wilderness so if we wind up bugging out we find ourselves in a situation where we are prepared for the threats we face.

What everyone needs to understand about the wilderness is that its not the animals you need to worry about. Think about it this way. If you are carrying a 12 gauge shotgun you can kill anything that lives in those woods.  If you are worried about a bear attack, bring a weapon. Bees kill way more people than bears each year.

The Elements

The most effective killer in the woods will always be the elements. The wind, the rain and the cold will


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