What Is The Truth?

What is the truth?

How do you know that it’s true?

What mechanisms do you use to determine the truth?


Is truth subjective to an extent? Depends on the subject I suppose…

Does truth discovery necessitate that people “think”? To be able to think critically?
Yes, I believe so.

I believe it also requires a certain level of intelligence, particularly when a truth may not be exceedingly clear.

How is it that some (or many?) so easily and blindly accept statements as truth if originating from what they perceive to be ‘authoritative’ sources?

What Is The Truth

So again, what is the truth? How do you get to the truth? How do you know? Do you ever really know? Again, I suppose that depends on what we’re talking about. Some truths certainly appear to be clear while many others may require closer examination.

One way to discover the truth might be to try and prove or disprove a truth. If you cannot disprove it, maybe it’s more truth than not. If you can prove it, then maybe it is the truth.

Maybe you try and break it down to its core. Again, subject dependent.

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