What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 34 – Mar 3rd – Mar 9th 2019

Hello Pack. I am hoping spring is finally going to show up. This constant on and off snow and rain and ever fluctuating temperatures is beyond frustrating – and also perfect cold weather. Days on the calendar keep ticking away toward spring, but warm weather and gardening season seem to still be quite elusive. I have seeds that are thriving and want to be relocated outdoors, but old man winter simply refused to go away.

Usually, spring brings flooding, and it likely will. But, it seems we have been under a flood watch since last October, so bracing for more of the same doesn’t seem as bad this year. We have spent hours graphing out our outdoor prepping plans and survival homestead improvements for the year, and I am just so anxious to get started on them.

On the bright side, the long winter has given us more time for intellectual or educational preps. Catching up on reading and trying out new home remedy mixtures and enhancing our tool skillset even further working on the garage – with salamander heated fueled up and running most days, was time well spent.

Our annual tree tapping has been underway for


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog