What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 33 – Feb 24th – Mar 2nd 2019

Hello Pack. This week on the homestead we have been getting crop and herbal seeds growing indoors in the hope that spring will one day arrive. I am hoping the groundhog was right and we are going to have an early spring this year, I have had about all of the snow I can stand.

We are still battling mud and ruts on our farm road. One thing that won’t change when spring finally arrives is the mud. Maybe we won’t get a really wet spring this year. A prepper girl can dream, right?

I have also spent some time doing an inventory in my apothecary. I have used up a lot more of my healing herbs and essential oils taking care of the sick over the winter and for disinfecting that I would like. I am just about ready to make one massively long order to ensure my stockpile is up to snuff.

We grow a lot of my herbs, but relying on a harvest that is not yet in is preparing to fail. Some herbs that I use a lot of simply cannot be grown in my little patch of heaven in Appalachia – like turmeric.


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog