What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 31 – Feb 10th – Feb 16th 2019

It has been an exceptionally wet and muddy week here on our survival homesteading retreat. We were flooded in on Wednesday, with a lot more of that to come as spring arrives.

The photo above was taken long before it was done pouring the rain and the water started moving a whole lot faster. I fully expect to find bicycles, trash cans, or who knows what beached on the creek band when it goes down – as per usual. Once we found a refrigerator in the creek!

Due to the rain, our preps were reduced to road maintenance (again) getting more seeds started, and working on our off the grid ice house. This hunting lodge we turned into a home came complete with a butcher shop that boasted a walk in cooler and two stand-alones.

That’s a great set up for now, but it would drain a lot of generator fuel trying to keep them going for even a short amount of time during a SHTF event. So, we finally embarked on a plan I came up with while researching an article and visiting a local Amish farm four years ago.

We filled buckets with water and let


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog