What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 30 -Feb 3rd – Feb 9th 2019

Hello Pack. Hope you all are doing well and got a chance to read the piece I wrote for Dan last week that took a political view of prepping. Our preps this week focused upon digging out from snow and ice, and then working on our ¼ mile farm road so it would be passable (at least in 4-wheel drive) because we became a mud bog yet again once the temperature hit nearly 70 over the weekend. Ohio weather is a fickle witch. If you don’t like what it is doing, just stick around for about 15 minutes… it will change.

Our winter hardy dwarf banana plants are doing well. We also got some of our garden seeds started in preparation for the coming planting season. I am beyond excited about our gardening smarter not harder plan for this year – and beyond.

The tabletop or raised beds on stilts growing areas were are going to start constructing this weekend will make weeding a lot less time consuming, and far less hard on my beloved’s lower back and my knees that crack and pop from playing and coaching sports for decades.

Our daughter’s Texas heeler and Bobby’s


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog