What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 29 Jan 13th – 19th 2019

It has been an awesome week of prepping here on our survival homesteading retreat, and I barely had to lift a finger. Bobby and I spent several hours mapping out our spring, summer, and fall improvement plans – and it was an incredibly productive blast!

As I have noted before during my weekly prepping updates, we have been talking about the placement of the new chicken coop, a greenhouse, and several other things. Yesterday we sat down at the table on an incredibly peaceful and quiet afternoon, and actually drew out how we wanted it all to look while discussing the pros and cons of each placement.

We rarely, and boy do I mean rarely, ever get a quiet day without anyone else here but us and our puppies, with no other pressing chores, to thoroughly get through that type of large planning – especially all in a single setting.

I grabbed a large piece of paper that is about the same dimensions as the poster board I had used as a playdoh craft mat with the kiddos (because it was glossy on one side), and drew out four distinct sections to match the layout of out land,


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