What I Did to Prep This Week – Week 28 – Jan 6th – 12th 2019

Hey Pack. We have been working on increasing our storage space and organizing everyday preps to keep them far more handy. I consider it a big win when I can use preps as part of our home decor – survival gear hiding in plain sight can be attractive, and a decorating money saver.

My evergrowing cast iron cookware is constantly in need of a better place to call home. So, I decided to use the durable cookware as part of my homesteading kitchen decor.

The cast iron looks pretty, and now takes up a lot less space, space that can be used for other things. I really loathe clutter and wasn’t sure I could deal with some many things on the wall throughout the kitchen, but ended up being really happy with the setup once it was finished.

I also spent a good bit of time putting my apothecary cabinet together. I now have two more empty shelves in a kitchen cabinet to store pantry type food. Having all of my medicinal and cooking herbs in one place is crucial if someone other than myself is suddenly tasked with putting together a home remedy or a


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog