What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 15 – Sep 30th – Oct 6th 2018

Hello fellow preppers. I has been a busy and surprisingly productive week here on our survival homesteading retreat. The surprise along the productivity front stems from tasks accomplished even though we got some rain – that of course generated even more mud, and had trouble with the tractor battery….again.

Our wood shed is now not only completely full, we have chunked up wood that is ready to be split, stockpiled on the side of the shed. The Farmer’s Almanac, which I trust far more than any weather guy or gal on television, says we are not in for such a bad winter this year. Last year was the first true winter we have had in years – and that suited me just fine.

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I hate the cold – meaning any temperature below 75 to 80 degrees. Last year we went weeks upon weeks without hitting even 8 degrees. I do not want to have to use a pry bar to crack livestock water or the creek every half an hour so the animals can drink again this


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog