What I Did To Prep This Week – Week 14 – SEP 23rd – 29th 2018

It has been a week of rinse and repeat here on our survival homesteading retreat. I didn’t really focus on how long it takes to get the hay and firewood in each year until I started writing about it to share here with the pack.

Weather and equipment issues (rinse and repeat…again) plagued some of our efforts, but 90 percent of the firewood is now split and stacked neatly in the woodshed – alright, fairly neatly.

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It has been so dang cold these last few days that I have been tempted to fire up the wood stove already. I have turned on the wall mount gas heaters every morning, and a few times in the afternoon. I can get goosebumps when it gets below 70 and hate wearing cold weather clothes. I am about due for the annual lecture about using the wood and gas wisely and simply bundling up when I am cold – I so hate that lecture, but attempt to heed it as least somewhat.

If the SHTF over the winter, even with my


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog