What Happens When People Can’t Get The #1 Most Prescribed Drug

Imagine this…

If it hits the fan in a big way – a major collapse – long term SHTF:

Many people will be in an extreme world of hurt due to their dependencies upon their prescription drugs. They could will become difficult or impossible to get.

What will the Users do, and how will that affect the rest who are not dependent?

Most Prescribed Drug

According to data research, currently the single most prescribed drug in the world is Hydrocodone (Vicodin).

It’s a ‘pain killer’, used for ‘pain’ (and abused…).

From a national survey done by the consulting firm IMS Health (report from 2015), there are more than 130 million prescriptions in the United States for Hydrocodone (Vicodin). That’s ‘Million’ with an ‘M’…

The question is, what will the affects be if and when ‘Users’ can’t get access to their addictive drug after a wide-scale SHTF collapse?

Hydrocodone (or it’s brand name, ‘Vicodin’) is a addictive pain killer.

Individuals who abuse Hydrocodone do so because they enjoy the opiate effect the drug has on the system. The thing is, more often than not, the euphoria caused by the drug slips away after prolonged use. And all


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