What Golf Tournaments Have Taught Me About Survival

Editors Note: At the 19th hole, after 18 holes of joy, frustration, self recrimination and surprise I sat down with Golf Expert, Coach and Mentor Jordan Fuller and talked about The Prepper Journal and what we were trying to accomplish here. He thought for awhile and then told me the following. I hope I have captured it all. You can find him at Golfinfluence.com. I adopted golf as a business tool long ago because, after 4+ hours of all the above emotions you really do learn a lot about the character of people. 

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When preparing for the worst, it is always a good idea to utilize the lessons you’ve gathered throughout your life. For me, that education came through my experiences with playing tournament golf.

Now you might be wondering how golf carts and popped-up collars will help you prepare you and your family for disaster, but I assure you what I learned on the course


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal