What Do You Think About These 5 States’ New Gun Control Bills?

Following the tragic school shooting early last year at Parkland and an unprecedented wave of public activism, we have seen new gun control laws take effect at a faster rate than they ever have before all over the country.

At the Federal level, we saw President Trump direct the United States Department of Justice to prohibit the possession and sale of bump stocks while also signing into law the Fix NICS program.

But at the state level in particular, we have seen even more restrictions become law and put in place… including in several states with Republican governors and legislatures.

In this article, we will go over the most significant gun bills that became laws in states last year.

Here is the latest gun control laws that we have seen occur by state, presented in alphabetical order:


California’s gun control laws were among the strictest in the country if not the strictest already. The state outlaws the sale of all firearms listed on the California Department of Justice’s list of classified ‘assault weapons’ such as the AR-15, prohibits the selling of magazines that hold more than ten rounds, only allows the selling of handguns on the California DoJ’s roster of


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper