Weather Hype – Quick, Send A News Crew!

In my opinion, the mainstream (fake) news has cried wolf WAY too often.

It doesn’t affect me anymore. They overuse their fear mongering and dramatically descriptive adjectives so, so much.

Every year during particular seasons there are weather events that regularly occur – like clockwork. Major winter storms. Tornadoes during tornado season. West coast rainstorms, mud slides, and their fire season. Hurricanes. Severe weather.

They’ve been happening ‘forever’. Nothing has really changed in that regard.

But you would think by listening to the sensationalized news that this next storm is going to be “the one”! The biggest, baddest, worstest ever!!

I believe they’re attempting to make us think that these weather events today are now something terribly, horribly, devastatingly, bad. Worse than every before! As opposed to the weather of yesteryear.

Mega storm! Super storm! Storm of the century! Oh my God we’re all gonna die!

Quick, everyone race to the grocery stores and buy bread, milk, and eggs!!

Weather Forecasting Getting Worse?

The part of the country where I live, we regularly or sometimes get a few ‘big’ winter storms throughout the season as opposed to ‘normal’ one’s.

For us that might mean a storm


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog