Using Wild Cherry Wood Bark

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There are many means of harvesting wild medicine. In fact, there are whole volumes on the subject. The fact that most Americans turn a blind eye to this subject is very nerve-racking.  It’s just built around the idea that medicine only comes from a store and it only comes in a pill.

Through nutrition, we are finding out that kale, ginger, garlic and things like this are just as much medicine as anything else! That is a powerful notion that should not be denied! We can keep ourselves healthy through the things we eat and the natural plants that are around us.

Well, we are going to talk about wild cherry wood bark in this article, as this is a powerful medicinal that can help with many ailments. You know, we grow a lot of nonsense in our yards.

We put a lot of bushes and fescues that don’t offer us a thing but eye pleasure and seasonal management. Its time we start to consider


Originally posted on SHTF Preparedness