Useful Wild Edibles and Non-Edibles

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Wild edible foods are such an important part of your prepping arsenal. What about non-edible wild plants? Well, there are great non-edibles like juglone from the black walnut husk that can be ground up and tossed into streams to induce paralysis in the fish in that affected area. This can be a quick method of getting food in a survival situation. Not something you want to eat but certainly a bit of information you want to know.

Field Guide

Edible Wild Plants: Eastern/Central North America (Peterson Field Guides)

Beyond just identifying wild edibles that you know, you should also invest in a quality field guide. This guide should give you high-quality pictures and information on each plant.

From here it’s just about spending time in the woods and being able to get to know those plants.


Now if it were only about eating those wild plants that would be good enough. A food source in the wild is just as important as anything else.


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