Urban Survival: 9 Places Where No One Will Scavenge

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If you are in an urban setting, you will run out of certain resources in a collapse. You will find a time when  things get tight. That is just the nature of survival. However,there will be plenty of resource like wood and raw building materials that have been left behind. Do you know how to take advantage of those? Do you know where to scavenge to find both tools and food? If you can isolate a good scavengable location, then you may have the ability to survive an urban collapse.

While it all sounds very complex, you can find great places to search for food and other items if you sit down and think about it. However, the location of these resources is just step one. You also need to get in to get after them without getting killed. This is another big issue.

Urban Survival: 9 Places Where No One Will Scavenge


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