Unique AR-15 pump for IPSC Manual Open

At the First World Shoot Rifle in Russia there were some interesting firearms, some more unique than others.

All these pictures are from the shooting ranges at the Patriot Park, near Moscow.

In 2015, at the European Rifle Championship in Hungary, Peter Starley finished first in the Manual Open division. At that time the technical rules were different, and Lever-Released rifles were allowed – and used!

In 2017 Peter Starley finished first in the Manual Open Division, Super Senior, with the rifle pictured, manually pumped.

As it’s rather unique in its design I thought it would be a good idea to document and describe it.

Below: Peter Starley with his pump-action AR-15.

A pump-action, where the pump slides around the circular free-floating hand guard. Of if the pump is part of the hand-guard, it all depends on how you define things. There are no spring actions allowed in IPSC Manual Open, so you have to pump both back and forward. Grip tape around the pump handle.

Toni Systems Magwell and a custom pistol grip. The lower has a serial number and “England” machined out. The safety is the biggest one I’ve ever seen.

Vortex with 1-6


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