Underrated Survival Skill: Getting and Staying in Shape

You’ve pulled out all the stops. Water filter? Check. Stockpiled food? Check. An impressive arsenal of weapons to use only in the case of self-defense? Check. But there’s just one problem that you haven’t accounted for — one that should’ve occurred to you.

While you do have a large reserve of fresh food and water and the latest model of assault rifle, what you don’t have is a gym membership. Maybe you thought you didn’t need it, or maybe it just never came up, but now you’re envisioning yourself trekking through a lawless wasteland, out of breath, because you neglected cardio.

Any prepper worth their salt will tell you physical fitness is an essential part of survival in the barren battleground of post-apocalyptic America. Without a strong set of legs and lungs, you won’t make it past the outskirts of your town. Heck, you likely won’t make it past your backyard fence.

There are plenty of reasons survivalists don’t pay enough attention to their fitness. They might believe they’ll be secure squirreled away in their safe room or underground bunker as they wait out the worst of things. Or maybe they aren’t expecting to do a whole


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal