UK Award Heckler & Koch $95 million Contract For SA80 Rifle Upgrade

The British Army is set to receive up to 44,000 upgraded L85A3/SA80A3s over the next four to five years. Jane’s 360 Infantry Weapons reports that the UK Ministry of Defence are moving forward with a large contract with Heckler & Koch to upgrade a substantial number of L85A2 rifles.

While the deal will not see the whole British Army rifle inventory upgraded it will see a total of nearly 50,000 upgraded – including the 5,000 already delivered. The move comes as part of the British Army’s Equipped to Fight programme and a larger re-evaluation and reorganisation of close combat infantry small arms issued to British troops.

Upgraded SA80A3 sans optic (MoD)

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) issued a notice on the 28th October that NSAF Ltd., the UK subsidiary of Heckler & Koch, will be contracted to upgrade 44,000 rifles to A3 standard. The contract is reported to be worth £75 million or $95.6 million. This gives a roughly estimated per rifle cost of £1,700, expensive when compared to the cost of a milspec M4 for example. The A2 upgrade is said to have cost £400 per rifle, while the A3 upgrade does include new upper receivers the


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog