TWIST OFF! Innovative Wrenches From

For those of you who shoot suppressed and also understand the satisfaction from a purpose-built tool, Warren Innovative Technologies may have just the thing for you. has almost 20 3D printed tools, each one is designed specifically for today’s most popular silencers. I’m hoping to get my hands on a couple for a lightning review in an upcoming episode of Silencer Saturday.

Details and ordering information can be found below. – Warren Innovative TechnologieS

Ordering information:

One-Ended Wrenches: Silencerco Omega 9K/45K/Octane direct thread/piston mount wrench with included strap wrench adapter (at right). Silencerco Three-Pin Wrench for Osprey, Saker front caps, etc. Dead Air Four-Pin Wrench for Wolf-9SD, Sandman and Wolverine front caps. Dead Air Mask, which is for both the rear mount and front cap. Silencerco Spectre II Mount Wrench. Liberty Regulator Mount Wrench. Rugged Oculus Front Cap Wrench. Rugged Rifle Front Cap Wrench. Wolf-9SD/Ghost Mount Wrench (Also works for Liberty Mystic/Cosmic 3-Lug Mounts) with included strap wrench adapter (at right). Three-Lug Torque Tools for 1 inch sockets: Three-Lug Mount Torque Tool (Female). Three-Lug Adapter Torque Tool (Male). Two-Ended Wrenches: Silencerco Octane Super Wrench Mark II, which features the direct thread/piston mount tool on one end


Originally posted on The Firearm Blog