Top 5 Reasons Why People Do Not Catch Fish

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Fishing is one of the most effective survival skills that you can have on your side. It can even be made passive. However, many people give up on fishing because they dont find big success. Lets look at a number of reasons why people dont catch fish.  


The number one reason beginning fisherman dont catch fish is because they simply do not have enough patience. Fishing is all about patience. You have to keep your bait in the water and you have to keep that bait in the strike zone. Its usually that last few seconds before you real in that a fish starts looking at your bait and might even consider striking it. 


The type of bait that fisherman use can make all the difference, too. In many cases people stick to one or two baits for the whole day. The trick is that you should spend more of your time changing baits. Some Bass Pro winners even recommend switching baits about


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