Top 13 Urban Survival Gadgets

Urban survival gadgets are the perfect gift for your urban prepper friends. Despite the comfort of the modern world, we can’t ignore the possible dangers that threaten our peaceful existence. The creation of clever devices as a survival gear aid in our most basic needs to survive. Whether it’s a day’s long trip in the woods or an actual survival situation, these life-saving tools prove to be most useful in planning your bug-out bag.

Urban Survival Gadgets | The Best Pieces of Equipment for Survival LifeStraw

I gave myself this present a few months back, and have only had the opportunity to try it a few times. So far though, it’s been love at first sight for the Lifestraw. This gadget is the star of stars in a real survival situation. It takes only 3 days for the human body to survive without hydration. This bad boy might just increase one’s chances of being rescued by staying alive for a few more days.  

Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

This survival tool is advertised to filter up to 378,000 liters instead of just 1000. Sawyer also scores points for its design as an extension to ordinary water bottles, while having its


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