Tips for Defending Your Bug Out Location

A guest post from Megan Ray Nichols.

When things go down, you’ll need to be ready to defend your bug out site, whether it is someplace off your normal beaten path or your home or the home of a relative that has been selected and stocked by your extended family. Whether you also have family or vital supplies stored there, standing your ground becomes critical to keeping your attackers at bay. And the key to this is to know your force multipliers to turn yourself into a fighter with the force of a group. This alone will help you to defend your location and keep those within it safe.

Choose Your Bug Out Location Carefully

The first step in defending your bug out location is making sure it’s justifiable to hole up there. You will need adequate space for yourself, your family and your survival supplies. It should have access to fresh water and fresh sources of food. Food can be from hunting, from growing it or from both. Locations in valleys or low spots are hard to defend. Choose high ground for easier defense.

From experience during Bosnia’s occupation, survival expert Selco noted that the best locations during


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal