Three Sources of Water in Urban Survival

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The first week, or so, after a serious SHTF situation in the Urban environment water might not be an issue. The tap might even still be working. You could have some water stored and there are going to be other concerns.

Things like your immediate food and medicine needs might be a bigger deal. You might also find yourself much more concerned with security! What are we to do in a world where desperate people are breaking into homes on a regular basis? This could be a picture of urban survival.

Well, before long the tap is going to run dry or the water that comes out of it is going to look like something from a horror movie. What happens then? Where are you going to source your water from in an urban environment after the tap has run dry and your stored water is gone?

Mapping Water Sources

One of the first steps you should take before a SHTF scenario you are going


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