Thinsulate™ Gloves 3M™ Insulation – How It Works & What You Need

Not only from a comfort standpoint, but from a preparedness point of view, Thinsulate™ gloves are invaluable during the winter! They are a “must have” for me.

Here’s some information about Thinsulate™ insulation and how gloves with Thinsulate™ are categorized by their ‘gram weight’ properties.

As you know there are lots of winter glove styles of varying designs available to us. With regards to insulation from the cold, 3M™ Thinsulate™ is considered one of the best for things like gloves, hats, boots, etc., to keep warm.

I have a number of various winter gloves with Thinsulate™ insulation in them. I wondered exactly what it was that makes it work. I knew that there are different ‘weight’ ratings for this stuff. Here’s what I found out…

Gloves with Thinsulate™ (men)
Gloves with Thinsulate™ (women)

What is Thinsulate™?

The unique microfibers (very fine fibers) that make up Thinsulate™ insulation work by trapping air molecules within them.

The more air that a material traps in a given space‚ the better it insulates you from the cold outside air.

Because the fibers in Thinsulate™ insulation are finer than the fibers used in most other synthetic or natural insulation‚ they trap more


Originally posted on Modern Survival Blog