The Ultimate Guide To Using Knives For Self-Defense

Increase your skill with the blade and know how to use it for self-defense here.

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Defending Yourself with an Edged Weapon Experience with Knives Folding Knives or Fixed Blade Knives for Self Defense How to Grip Knives for Self-Defense Thinking About Your Range Attacking with Eight Angles Defending Against the Eight Angles of Attack The Knife Alphabet Practice with Feedback Practice with a Partner Bottom Line Knives for Self Defense: Here’s Why

Defending Yourself with an Edged Weapon

What do you think about using knives for self-defense? There are a lot of talks these days about the importance of not only being able to use a knife offensively but also having the ability to defend yourself with the blade.

Even many of the traditional martial arts are implementing an edged weapon component to their curriculum. These days, all you need to do is turn on the news and you will see why a knife used in self-defense has become precedence.

Criminals and terrorists are not only attacking the general public with an edged weapon. They are also targeting law enforcement with machete’s as well


Originally posted on Survival Life