The U.S. Nuclear Power Map: What You Need to Know

The United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of nuclear power. As of 2016 data, 805 terawatt hours was produced by just shy of 100 reactors, a mind-blasting amount of power equaling almost 20% of the total electrical energy generated in the entire country.

That is a truly monumental achievement and worth celebrating. Nuclear power is clean, momentously efficient and safe (at least in the U.S.), bringing light and power to millions of buildings.

That being said, it is not without its risks. The fuel used by nuclear reactors is extremely dangerous in both its enriched and spent forms, and accident, leaks or other, more nefarious actions involving it may have dire consequences.

Understanding the risks and dangers that come with living near a nuclear plant is an important parcel in any prepper’s plans. In this article, we will be taking a look at the nuclear power plant map covering the lower 48 states, and give you a few considerations and procedures to help you stay on the bounce in case there is an incident at a plant nearest you.

Overview of Nuclear Power

There are 99 operating nuclear power plants in the U.S. as of the


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