The Top Medical Preps you Need

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If you aren’t a practiced medical professional its pretty easy to understand where one of your biggest weaknesses in prepping could be.

In fact, most people have very little experience treating people medically at all. This means its unknown territory for most preppers.

Wading into this unknown lends itself to two problems in particular

1. How do you practice?

Medical preps, particularly trauma, are very hard to practice with because you often need someone else and its hard to recreate things like blood and stress

2. What to buy?

Being that most of us are not medical health professionals or combat medics its hard to even know what we should be shopping for. Or even how much to buy!

What we are going to address here are the top medical preps you need for getting your house in order and ready for disaster.

3. Quick Clot Combat Gauze

The first three items are all about stopping the bleed. This quick clot gauze has a chemical


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