The Time for Food is Now!

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There are many reasons that one might consider boosting food storage. Even with just the threats of natural disaster, having extra food on hand is a big deal. It can make all the difference. 

We live in an age of maximum convenience where even our nations poor dont go hungry. We are so divorced from the idea of hunger that it is hard to put this issue to words. If you look back in history you find that most of history was punctuated by some degree of starvation. 

What we also tend to forget about hunger is that it is often used as a means of asserting power and dominance over others. If you are hungry and you dont have food, you must be subservient to anyone who has that food! 

All over the globe people are being put in positions where food and other resources might be compromised.


A limited nuclear exchange between these two nations could result in 1 billion people dead. The


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