The Safe Zones After an EMP

We’ve had a lot to say about the EMP threat on this site, and if you’ve been keeping up with it you’re probably more than a bit worried about the consequences of this kind of attack. So you should be; EMP weapons have, in a worst-case scenario, the potential to take the entire USA back to a 19th-century technology base in a matter of minutes. It’s a different type of destruction from what was threatened during the nuclear stand-off of the Cold War, but it’s just as severe.

The ugly truth is that it’s also a lot more likely to happen. During the Cold War only one nation – the USSR – was capable of destroying the USA with its nuclear arsenal, and the fact is they were never likely to try. It might be hard to believe, but the Soviets were at least as scared as us as we were of them, and considering Russia’s history of being invaded they might have been even more scared. They also knew that, while they could destroy the USA, the USA was equally capable of destroying them. Two other countries could have inflicted enough damage on us that the inevitable US victory would


Originally posted on Ask A Prepper