The Right Broad-head to Hunt Any Game

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For archers there are hundreds of broad-heads on the market and one would assume that they are all decent at their job of making a bigger hole.  However, a big hole isn’t the only criteria for a broad-head.  At least if you want the most effective broad-head for your chosen game.

Sometimes a big hole is the most effective, sometimes you need more penetration.  Smaller animals are more effectively killed with shock.  Selecting a broad-head that is more appropriate for your chosen game is just smart and can save you on damaged or broken arrows.

Remember, as hunters, our goal is not only to score a kill but to score an ethical kill.  All of the selections below are based on my own personal experience.  I am sure many hunters have had success with broad-heads that I would not consider appropriate for the particular game.


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal