The Powerful Connection Between Homesteading and Self Sufficient Living

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There is a definite reason why people are preparing for doom. There is a reason that people are heading for the hills to live a life that is more connected to the world around them and the natural way. It comes from the idea that we are living a life, now, that is so crazy and out of sync with what it should be.

The daily routine of TV and computer screens in our face, being trapped in cubicles, being caged for 8 hours doing something we hate, is so unnatural. Our self imposed isolation do to our cybernetic relationship with technology is another drain on our natural minds.

All of this imbalance forces people to seek out a reason to get away and find that balance. In some ways the assault we are living through today is creating the urge to have it all collapse.

Preppers and survivalists are both preparing for the end and also looking for it, in some ways. They are


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