The Power of Insulation in Wilderness Survival

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One of the most important scientific principles to understand in wilderness survival is conduction. That is the transfer of heat from one source to another source through difference of temperature. Where it fits into the world of wilderness survival is at bedtime.

When you sleep on the cold ground you lose lost of body heat to conduction. This is because the ground beneath you is colder and absorbs the heat that your body creates. It’s a big problem, particularly in colder environments.

The best way to combat conduction is by using insulation. The most common form of insulation used by campers is the sleeping bag. You could also include a sleeping mat.  These are not the only methods of insulation. Let’s take a minute and talk about some other methods of insulation that can be effective in wilderness survival.

100% Wool Blankets

While these are a very expensive cold weather camping insulation, the wool blanket is one of the very best.

There is a reason


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