The Pencil Snare: Trap For Your Life (Part 7)

You have got to learn how to set up a pencil snare for your own good. This simple guide will you show how. Knowledge of this simple trapping mechanism will prepare you for any survival situation. Learn how to trap game for food and defend your bug out cabin with this pencil snare!

Part 7: The Pencil Snare | Trap for Your Life The Pencil Snare

We have come to the last of the survival snares in the Trap for Your Life series. The upcoming articles of the Trap for Your Life series will be on constructing deadfall traps. Later on in the series, we will be constructing fish traps, pitfall traps, traps made from household supplies, and bird traps. There are so many traps you can learn so that you may be able to trap for your life!

In this article, I will be constructing the pencil snare.

One of my most famous trapping quotes is, “A trap is like someone else hunting for you when you can’t. It is truly your best hunting buddy.”

A trap is really like having someone else hunt for you. You may begin to wonder, Why can’t I just hunt in a survival situation rather than trap?


Originally posted on Survival Life