The New American Dream

The American Dream. That one fixed point on the horizon of possibility that all Americans, native-born and immigrant could believe in, and strive for. Though it looks a little different for all of us, you’ll see the same threads for everyone that yearns for it- soil, family, peace, plenty.

For those of us who value self-sufficiency and privacy, we often envision a patch of land that is ours, all ours, a place where we can mind our own business and enjoy waking up to a new day in the freest country on earth after a life of hard work and discipline, each day better than the last. A place where we gather friends and family to us on important occasions or no occasion at all. Unbothered, unprodded.

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Sadly, this classic portrait of the American Dream is no more, or at the very least now comes with a ton of fine print behind it. It is my opinion we are far less free than we have been even in the recent past. The New American dream is closer


Originally posted on The Survivalist Blog