The Mittleider Gardening Method

Simply put, the Mittleider System is the result of ‘Nearly six decades… of almost constant study, research, and field application on food production problems in many parts of the world’ by Jacob Mittleider, which produced ‘a synthesis of the best features of several major methods of gardening’ (quoting Mittleider Soil Bed Gardening).

In practical terms, it is a regenerative system for running a vegetable garden with little soil, no requirement for land, and high yields. ‘Regenerative’ in this case is an approach to agriculture emphasising the use of natural, non-synthetic products and processes in order to increase bio-diversity and keep topsoil healthy. Essentially it’s good for your garden, and good for other things which are good for your garden.

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From a prepper’s point of view, it takes the hassle and guesswork out of running a smallholding or mini-homestead while still providing high yields and a variety of crops (free food, surely no prepper could turn that down?!).

The Six Laws of Plant Growth

The Mittleider system is a very structures, scientific approach to gardening, and follows the


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