The Expectations and Realities of Water in Survival

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Drinking water in America is a dream. It comes from a tap and it hardly ever stops running. Its always clean and ready to drink except for the rare boil water notice. It is easily the resource we take most for granted.

We even buy it in bottles because the perfectly safe water from the tap is not up to American standards. That is an incredible thing but you might not appreciate it unless you see what people in other parts of the world are drinking.

Water in austere 3rd world nations looks like mud. Its pulled from holes in the ground because this is their only option. Water kills more kids each day than anything else in the world! That is a terrifying realization when you start to understand that their little bodies need it. They have to drink it but its filled with parasites that are literally killing them.

Water can become just as much an issue for the average American following a


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