The Essentials and the Extra Weight – The Make-and-Break Gear of the Wilderness

Editor’s Note: An interesting take on that first wilderness trek. 

You never know what wilderness has in store for you. It’s big, mysterious and always has new things for you to discover. For that reason, many people choose to adventure themselves in nature for a certain period, to experience survival in the wild.
However, people tend to pack unnecessary things as well, leading to extra weight and ending up with a severe back pain, early fatigue and a less than full experience. Because you want to avoid that, here is what you need to survive in the wilderness without carrying all those extra pounds.

The Essentials – What Should You Pack?

Whenever you go on a trip, this question is playing with your mind – “What should I pack?”. You wish you could take any small and insignificant thing, because “you never know”. Nevertheless, you should take only what you need to survive for a certain period. In order to avoid carrying around unnecessary objects that will only hold you back, here is my list of essentials you need to survive in the wilderness.

1. Backpack

It’s obvious that you’re not going to carry everything in your arms. You’ll


Originally posted on The Prepper Journal