The Best Materials for Roofing Wilderness Shelters

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Have you ever built a primitive shelter? There are many ways to build an emergency wilderness shelter. Arguably the most important part of the process is creating a barrier between you and the elements. This is true for shelters like the lean to or even a basic debris shelter.

Picking a location for your shelter is important to but having roof to keep out rain and stop powerful winds will make all the difference.

Do you know what natural resources make the best roofing materials? Lets look at three that can be used in a wilderness environment.

Tree Bark Shingles

Fallen trees are the best option for this or standing dead wood. If you rip bark of living trees you are going to kill them so don’t do that. However, fallen trees are separating from their bark and you can use a good knife to cut the bark into large “shingles” that can be laid on your roof. If shingled properly this bark can be


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